Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mom's Visit

A few weeks ago, Hunter went to Trieste, Italy for a conference. We decided it wouldn't really be efficient or cost-effective for Sadie and me to go with him. My mom came to visit for the time he was gone, as well as a few days after he got back. I know I *could* have handled Sadie by myself, but having mom there just made it so relaxing. I could actually get rest during the day, and I think I only had one headache the whole time she was there.

Sadie loved her instantly, and they played together a lot. She would usually want me back eventually, but I think they had so much fun! 

We got to eat lots of exciting food...

Get into all kinds of mischief...

Go out on adventures...

Just goof around...

And relax every once in a while!

We also got to go see the Harry Potter exhibition in Cologne, where they have a bunch of props and stuff from the movies. I would call this a must-see for Potter fans. They had tons of stuff you could see up close. My favorite was all the different wands--it was amazing how the designers made each one different! We also got to sit in Hagrid's chair:

And I had to get a picture of us all at Hogwarts!

We also visited the Cologne cathedral, which is pretty impressive.

Sadie loved posing for the camera!

Of course she was glad when her daddy got home...

But us girls sure had a good time! I can't wait until we go to visit my mom and dad this April!

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