Thursday, April 30, 2015

Trip to America: Highlight Reel, Part One

After our month-long sojourn in America, I'm behind on everything: TV, cleaning, Internet, blogging. I still haven't posted anything about the trip to Berlin we took the week before we went to America! So instead of writing anything super in-depth, I'm just going to post some pictures and maybe a few sentences about the trip. This post is just going to cover the east-coast half of our trip.

Sadie with "G"

Sadie with "Mimi"

Looking at a dog

With a former student

With my friend April

With my friend Britton

With my friend Adam

With another former student

With my friend Michelle

Tasting Easter candy

With friends Michael and April

With our friends the Hoppers, who graciously hosted us in Tuscaloosa

Eating at R and O's

Gettin' into stuff at Mimi's house.

Some other fun aspects of the trip for which there is no photographic evidence:
  • Getting together with some friends from Tulane
  • Sadie's first snowball and crawfish
  • Winning 2nd place doing trivia at Barcadia
  • Eating things we can't get in Germany, many of which involve chicken being fried but most of which are not, strictly speaking, "fried chicken."
  • Taking Sadie to the aquarium

So that's it for the east coast! I'll post from the 2nd half of the trip later on.