Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sadie!

Yesterday, Sadie turned one! I can't believe it was a year ago that she popped out! We had a pretty low-key celebration in the apartment. I made spaetzle, which she can eat by herself. She really prefers finger foods. I also got pastries from a few of my favorite shops and we had a bunch of presents that family members had sent or ordered. We Skyped with all of her grandparents; in some cases, they got to watch her open the presents. I got a little crazy with taking pictures; I'll try to only post a representative sample.

Sadie got a "glow worm," one of my favorite toys as a little one.

 My parents gave her a copy of Goodnight Moon. It's a recorded book that has their voices reading it!

This is another little doll that makes noises when you squeeze her. Sadie kept giving kisses to this one and the glow worm!

Action shot!

 Daddy helps her open a present



The next few are of her eating her birthday treat. She actually didn't even get that messy. The strawberry bib is a present that my mom made her.

Hunter was joking that we are going to need a second apartment just for all of her toys. She did get a lot of new stuff, but hopefully I can assess what we have and donate or sell the things she doesn't need/use/like. I do know some people who are expecting babies soon, and since she isn't super interested in toys, a lot of her stuff is "like new."

Anyway I am so excited that my little baby is a year old! She is learning new things every day and can say 4 or 5 words now.

I eventually want to do a hobbit themed birthday for her, since her birthday is hobbit day, but that will probably wait until she's a little more aware of what's going on.

Happy birthday, baby girl!