Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mostly picture of Sadie running around Versailles

Last week, Sadie and I took a quick trip to Paris. My uncle Joel and his fiance, Charles, were visiting there so we headed over to meet up with them. Sadie has historically gotten a little afraid with meeting new people, especially men, so before the trip I showed her pictures of Joel and Charles so she would know what to expect. It worked great and she ended up really liking both of them. We had some good meals at which Sadie surprisingly behaved herself and she was such a trooper, going the whole day with no nap and going to bed around ten!

This trip to Paris was a lot more relaxing than our previous one. We weren't just constantly going and trying to fit in as much as possible. My hotel was pretty close to the Bataclan theater and there was a pretty big military presence in the city. There were armed soldiers stationed on the street where I was staying and also elsewhere in the city.

Anyway, most of the pictures I took were of Sadie at Versailles so here we go! They are pretty much all action shots since she never stops moving.

Sadie and Joel:

Sadie and Charles:

This last one is just in front of a random fence by the marche aux puces. She just stopped there and asked me to take a picture of her.

It got pretty rainy on the last day we were there, but I did get some pretty cool '50s dresses at the flea market, and I even managed to talk the guy down. Basically every time I go to France, I realize how much more comfortable I am with French than with German. We ate at one place where the waiter either didn't or wouldn't speak English, and I even managed to ask questions and stuff about the menu with no major problems. Sadie and I will be going back to Paris in March to see Disneyland and I hope to get some more pics then!