Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Two Finished Projects

So I actually have a bunch of things I've made that I haven't gotten around to photographing and posting. Today I got my act a little bit together so I have two things to show.  The first has been finished for at least a month, but I only just got around to putting it in a frame and hanging it up:

If it isn't clear, it's a cross-stitch, and the pattern comes from the Star Trek cross-stitch book I got for Christmas last year! And here it is hanging amidst the wall of geekery/pop culture:

The next thing I made were some mittens for Sadie. I want to make some fancier ones eventually, but I had never made mittens before so I started with a very basic pattern. Here is the link. I had some leftover yarn from previous projects. I finished these a few weeks ago, but then she lost one! So I made another and put them on a little cord so they'll stay together.

She really loves draping things around her neck.

I have three more finished knitting projects to post about, so I'll try to get to those in the coming week or two!

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