Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sushi Sweater!

Here's a project  finished a little while ago but just now got around to photographing. I had this Webster Miami for Target cardigan I really liked, but there were some problems. It was missing three or four buttons and there was a bit of a coffee stain on it. It was also pretty dingy, although I think the pictures were all taken after I washed it with this whitening powder stuff, that, it turns out, works.

Missing Buttons

Coffee Stain

I wanted to replace the buttons with something a little more fun and do some coordinating embroidery to hide the stain. I found these buttons on Etsy:
I tried to get a closer picture, but they all ended up blurry

I used the Sublime Stitching Sushi Bar patterns and the same transfer method I describe in this post to get the patterns on the sweater, then stitched it up!

The salmon on the left is done using Sublime Stitching Floss in In Bloom for the salmon and DMC 3051 for the seaweed and using a split stitch. The tuna in the middle uses DMC 602 and is worked in stem stitch. The shrimp on the right uses DMC 3326 and is done in backstitch, so there's a bit of a sampler aspect going on there.

There is one slight imperfection, which I may or may not fix. The original sweater had eight buttons; this one only has six. So I may go back and change the buttonholes, but I don't usually wear cardigans buttoned up so I'm going to leave it as is for now.

Mommy, when will you make something for me?

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