Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sleeper Cell

This post is so titled because I think if Sadie could put into words how she feels about her crib (which she is getting closer to doing every day!) those are the ones she would use.

I blogged a while back about the situation we were having with Sadie sleeping. She's been sleeping in the bed with us since then, and it mostly wasn't a big deal. We would all watch TV together at night and she would usually be pretty calm, and eventually fall asleep, usually with me holding her. However, now that she crawls and is more active, this is a bit harder. She never wants to lie down and crawls all over us. Plus, we go to bed at like midnight. So we were thinking we needed to get her into a bit more of a schedule, and that she needed to learn how to fall asleep by herself as well. About a week and a half ago, we bit the bullet and decided to more or less let her cry it out, just to see if she would fall asleep. After 30 minutes of pretty intense screaming, I went in to check on her and fed her. Hunter and I were really conflicted. We hated hearing her cry, thinking we had abandoned her or something. But everything I had read said that the first few nights, you will have to put up with them crying as they learn to fall asleep themselves, so we decided to give it another try, and said that if she was screaming like that for another 30 minutes we would go back in. Well, she fell asleep!

The next couple of nights she did the same thing: cried for 30 minutes, then I went in and fed her, then she fell asleep. And then... She didn't need me to come back in. The past few nights, she has fallen asleep within minutes. Now, she still doesn't sleep all night in the crib. When we come in to go to bed, she generally wakes up, and I just put her in the bed with us. Baby steps. Sometimes when I go in really quietly she doesn't wake up right away, so I think that bodes well.

Get me out of here!

Dose eyes tho

Don't worry, it's empty

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