Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sadie Eats and Bathes

For Sadie's six-month birthday, on March 22, we got her a few presents, one of which was a high chair to help her enjoy her newly discovered solid foods. I guess solid is kind of a relative term--most of this stuff is still pretty liquidy on account of her not having teeth and everything, but it's non-milk. Obviously we wanted to share some of the magic. I gotta say, I am so grossed out by messy eating. I am kind of a slob, but I am a pretty meticulous eater so watching her mush her hands into a bowl of cereal is not something I enjoy. But she has fun and she's learning.

The past few baths, Sadie hasn't enjoyed as much as she used to. She kinda freaks out so we basically just wash her off and then get her out. Today, though, we left her in a little longer and got her to sit up by herself in the tub, and once she discovered splashing, she was having a great time! I had to grab the camera to show off how beautiful and happy she looked!

She's sitting up all by herself!

Next week I'll be flying solo with Sadie while Hunter is at a conference in Dresden, then assuming I'm not affected by the airline strikes I'll fly over to meet him on Friday. Hope to have some more pics to share after the trip!

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