Monday, January 13, 2014

Travels With Sadie, Part Two: New Orleans

The first stop on our grand tour was New Orleans. Hunter's dad and stepmom live there with his sister and grandmother (heretofore referred to as "Bubbles"), and his mom also moved to Metairie recently. We also had some friends from college who were in town at the time.

Sadie and Bubbles

It was a busy week. When we are in New Orleans, we always have a list of foods that we want to get and restaurants that we want to go to. We got to eat Cane's chicken, Camellia Grill, R and O's, some tasty catfish cooked by Hunter's sister, Venezia's, and Angelo Brocato's.

Sadie and Aunt Amanda

While we were in New Orleans, we got really into this game show called The Chase. It was super fun to play along with, and I think I could do pretty well if I ever got the chance to go on there.

Sadie with Hunter's Mom ("Mimi")

Of course, it just wouldn't be the Sims if we didn't have phone troubles. We bought a SIM card to put in Hunter's phone, but couldn't get it to work. On top of that, he mislaid his old SIM card. D'oh! So we didn't have phones for the duration of our stay in NOLA. I was hoping we'd get into some kind of '90s sitcom mishap, but it didn't go that way.


Sadie also played her first board games. Well, she didn't actually play, but she sat with us while we played with our friends Colin and Joey, who we know from Tulane. We played Colossal Arena, which I wasn't great at, and Incan Gold, at which I did annoyingly well. 

Playing on her owl mat

When we left New Orleans, we took a long route through Mobile to see our friend Shawn. We got to eat at Foosackly's. I was eating as much fried chicken (or, if you prefer, chicken that has been fried) as I could, since that's one thing you don't see much of in Germany.

Sadie and Hunter's Dad

Leaving New Orleans wasn't easy. It was so great to see everyone meet Sadie for the first time and very sad to go. 

Next up: Tuscaloosa and Sadie's baptism!

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