Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Travels With Sadie, Part Four: Knoxville

After we left Birmingham, we headed up to Knoxville. Hunter's maternal grandmother and his mom's sister live there. We stayed with his aunt, Margaret and her husband, Layne. Here is a great picture of them with Sadie. Layne is really big... like 6'5" at least is my guess so there is quite a contrast between him and Sadie!

We were only in Knoxville for two nights, but it was a relaxing stay. We weren't running around every second trying to see people so it was nice to just sit around a bit. We went to Hunter's grandma's for a dinner/supper type meal which was so delicious! A nice change from German food for sure!

Hunter's aunt doesn't have any kids, and I believe she hadn't held a baby since Hunter's brother. But she really took to Sadie! I was so happy that this branch of the family got to meet the little princess!

I don't think there's anything on my computer to remove red eye.

We planned to fly out from Nashville. The night before we left, I got a pretty bad headache and the next day I felt completely awful. I mean my head was pounding, throat hurt, sinuses, etc. But I toughed it out so we could make our flight and, as you will soon see, I was glad I did.

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