Sunday, January 26, 2014

Travels With Sadie, Part Five: Montana (pics of baby in snow)

So, Reader, when we left off, I believe we were going to the airport in Nashville to head up to Montana. Our flight was scheduled to leave at sometime around 3:30, but pretty much as soon as we got there we were informed it would be delayed. We had a layover scheduled in Denver, and it was at the point that we wouldn't make our connection with our newly delayed departure. The only solution was a flight on Delta with a layover in Minneapolis. This made me nervous for a few reasons. First of all, since delays were being caused because of weather (the plane we were originally supposed to be on was coming from Chicago), I wasn't confident that we'd be able to land and then take off from Minneapolis. Secondly, the flight was on Delta. I have never had a good experience with Delta. We have gotten to the point where we pay more just so we don't have to fly on Delta. They have just made mistake after mistake and I really don't like flying that airline. But it was literally the only option with even a possibility of getting to Missoula that night. I think the flight left at like 6:45, so we were in the airport for quite a while.

By the time we left on time (miraculously), our flight was one of like five flights in the entire Nashville airport that wasn't delayed or cancelled. One flight was cancelled because one of the flight attendants wasn't legal to fly that route and they couldn't get anyone else to do it or something. So I was definitely impressed with Delta on this one occasion (and they soon fell back out of my good graces). Anyway, the connection in Minneapolis was going to be pretty tight. We were going to a flight in a different concourse, and there are no trams between concourses (there seems to be a light rail between the terminals, according to the map, but not between concourses within the same terminal). We had checked Sadie's carseat at the gate, so Hunter and I agreed that he would go ahead to our new gate and let them know that I was coming, if necessary, while I picked up the carseat. Well, the carseat never showed up with everyone else's bags, and I certainly wasn't going to stand around to wait and ask someone about it. Basically I made a call that it was worth 75 Euros to just get to Montana tonight, and I'm so glad I did. Because when we got of the plane, my sister was there waiting for me! I had been thinking for months that I wouldn't get to see her, and she surprised me! It was so awesome!

She gets to take the first turn with little Sadie

It had been a long day, and it was about an hour drive back on some icy roads. We did have a carseat that someone lent us, since I had texted my mom to let her know about losing ours (it turns out it's pretty hard to communicate with them regarding gate checked baggage, or really at all, and as of this writing I'm still waiting to hear back from them about the possibility of reimbursement). I don't remember too much more of that night, but I'm guessing people passed Sadie around a bit before we went to bed.

Sadie with Great-Grandma DD

The next day, it actually snowed, so we got to go play in it! It was a bit hard and crunchy, rather than powdery, but we still got some good pics.

 She loved the cold weather!

 Making a snow angel

She didn't really ride the snowmobile

One of the best things about going to my grandparents' house in Montana is staying up late playing games. I've been doing it since I can remember and we got Sadie started early.We played Celebrity (my personal favorite), the Awkward Family Photos game, and Loaded Questions over the next few nights.

She is such a weird sleeper 

The whole fam!

One surprising thing that happened in Montana is that I got the best Mexican food of my trip back to the US. There was a new restaurant that had just opened, very authentic type Mexican food, very delicious. Like always, it was sad to leave. We had one more stop before coming back to Germany: Seattle.

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