Saturday, May 9, 2015

Trip to America: Highlight Reel, Part Two

I realized after I made the last post that there were some pictures I uploaded but for whatever reason didn't actually get posted. So I will post those and then move on to the California pictures.

Reading to Great-Grandma Bubbles

Ok so now here are some of the pics from the west-coast portion of the trip:

Sadie with her little buddy, Jameson

Sadie was a little scared of Goofy

Got her mouse ears on!

I think Eeyore was her favorite

She liked Winnie before he got too close

This black widow was killing a moth and it was just too cool not to take a picture of

Hanging out in the suitcase

She had a tea party with my mom. I didn't know she could dunk!

Other highlights:
We got to hang out with Hunter's brother, although somehow he managed to avoid all the pictures.

We went on the Tower of Terror, which, after childbirth, is the most I've ever felt like I might actually die.

We hung out with my high school friend Brett (somehow also no pictures) and got 2nd place at trivia in Mariposa (we should have gotten 1st but they had these dumb physical challenges).

Shut down the Dirty Donkey bar in Oakhurst which was both awesome and depressing.

Had a joint birthday celebration with my grandpa, my uncle, and me.

Saw my sister and her boyfriend (and their two cats).

I probably forgot some things. I've just been incredibly overwhelmed and backed up since we returned, so I had to make this brief. But seriously, if anyone wants more details on anything, let me know and I'll be happy to write more! I just wanted to get something down before I forgot.

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