Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What is Sadie Like?

I know you've all seen lots of pictures of Sadie, and you may have some idea of her personality based on those. But it occurred to me that for those of you who don't see her on a regular basis, you might not know a lot about her, so I decided to do a little post about her personality. I didn't set out for it to be an acrostic, but when two of the words were letters from her name, I thought that would be a fun way to do it.

Sadie loves to snuggle and give kisses. She especially loves giving kisses to her glow-worm, and a few pages of the books she likes, but she will occasionally give Hunter or me a kiss, too.

Sadie has always been up for trying new things. Almost as soon as she could crawl, she had started to pull herself up to standing. I saw a baby the other day that was pretty much the opposite of this; she stayed close to her parent and didn't seem very motivated to explore. Sadie will go anywhere she can get to. She even tried to crawl right off the edge of the bed! Somehow, she figured out it would be easier to go feet first, which completely amazed us because we definitely didn't teach her that!

If Sadie wants something, she WILL get to it. Particularly if it's something a baby shouldn't play with, but even if it's just a book that's on a table or something. NOTHING IS SAFE! Especially now that she has object permanence, she remembers where we've hidden or stored something she isn't supposed to play with.

So, I guess probably everyone thinks this about their own kid, but it's true! Sadie is so smart! She can "read" pages in her books (words she has memorized) and if she can't read them, she can maybe point to the object they represent. She really loves reading and will just sit with a book, turning the pages over and over. I read her probably at least five books a day; her current favorites are Oliver Twist, Go, Dog, Go, and Who's a Bunny?

Well, I mean, she's a baby so obviously all her needs are provided for. But she really isn't patient when she sees something she wants and doesn't immediately get it. If she sees us getting out her food, she might scream until it's brought to her. And the other day, she grabbed a toy out of another baby's hand. Honestly, that one kind of amused me and I think she probably would have given it back, it's just a game to her to pass things back and forth, but the other baby did not like it. I understand that crying/screaming is her main way of communicating she is hungry, until she has more words for that, but sometimes she will scream and cry if we take something dangerous out of reach. She just wants what she wants, I guess!

Anyway, as you can see my little princess has so much personality already and it is so fun discovering all of her likes and dislikes!

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