Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Capsule Wardrobe.

So, I decided to make a Capsule Wardrobe. I'm mostly using the guidelines from this site, with a few modifications to make it fit my situation. Before the tornado, if I'd had to pare down my wardrobe to 30-40 pieces, I don't think I would have been able to do it. That is probably about 10% of the stuff I owned, if not less. After the tornado it would have been quite a bit easier, but by the time I moved away from Tuscaloosa I still had quite a bit of clothing. And now, in Germany, I have a lot less, but still more than a person needs. Although, Hunter and I are able to fit all of our clothing in one dresser and one closet, which I think is pretty good. All of Sadie's clothes fit into a carry-on size suitcase.

So anyway, why am I doing this? A few reasons. Since Sadie was born, I don't really get into dressing up the way I used to. I have only gone out in sweats maybe twice (and it was just to the bakery to get breakfast), but I also haven't spent time like, planning an outfit very often either. I think if I have the challenge of having a limited number of items and needing to actually style and accessorize them, I will be able to have some fun with fashion again. Also, I have a lot of graphic tees, and find myself just throwing the same ones on all the time. In my capsule, I limited myself to only four, so I'll be dressing a little more stylishly/like a grown-up.

The guidelines I linked to are for a 37-item wardrobe. Mine consists of only 31 items currently. I figured this way, I can add something in if there is an item I really miss. I have a few things that need repair that I may add in. I'm also not including clothing I've made in the count. If I want something new, instead of buying it, I'll just make it; I'm hoping it motivates me to get onto some of the projects I have planned. I planned my wardrobe for fall. Since Sadie was born, I run pretty warm, so I don't have my very warmest clothes in there. If it gets super cold, obviously I'm going to add in an extra jacket or something. And a little limitation I'm setting for myself is not to wear the same outfit twice. I'm going to try to post my outfits on Instagram when I think of it, although I don't know if that's something I'll be able to do every day.

So, what's in my wardrobe, you ask? I'll show you! The pics are all phone pics because both of my real cameras were dead :(

6 Bottoms:
From top: Jean skirt (H&M), Gray drawstring pants (H&M), Olive cropped pants (H&M), Tan cords (H&M), Black cords (Loft), Straight leg jeans (H&M)

4 Sweaters:
From left: Green cable-knit v-neck (Old Navy), Navy cashmere cardigan (H&M), Black pullover (H&M), Red cardigan (H&M)

3 Dresses:
 Black and orange dress (ModCloth)

 Houndstooth dress (H&M)

Camera-printed dress (ModCloth)

4 Long-Sleeves
From left: White long-sleeve (WalMart?), Black-and-white-striped long-sleeve (Old Navy), Black-and-green-striped 3/4 sleeve (Old Navy), Burgundy turtleneck (H&M)

4 Short-Sleeves
From left: Brown t-shirt (Loft), Navy t-shirt (Loft), Black v-neck (Old Navy), White/navy polka-dot scoop neck (H&M)

4 Graphic Tees
Clockwise from top left: Pulp Fiction/Doctor Who mashup (Teefury?), Neutral Milk Hotel concert shirt (concert), Mountain Goats concert shirt (concert), Brown "adopt" shirt (fundraiser)

1 Jacket
Olive Jacket (H&M)

5 Shoes
Red bow pumps (H&M), Brown sneakers (Converse), Red sneakers (Kangaroo), Brown boots (Rieker), Owl print flats (Dogo)

I also made this handy little Polyvore collection. It doesn't have the jacket or the graphic tees, and some of the items aren't exact, but I think it gives a good overview of my selection.

Capsule Wardrobe

So, as I said, I'll try to post outfits on Instagram when I can, and we'll see if I can stick to this.

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