Monday, February 17, 2014

A Day in the Life

Today I kinda kept track of what I did during the day, just to give people a general idea of how things go around here. I don't necessarily have a "typical" day, but this is pretty indicative of my general routine.

First things first: Sadie wakes me up around 7:30, while Hunter is getting ready to go to work. I feed Sadie, then get her dressed and changed, and a little after 8:00, I'm ready to eat my breakfast: muesli and yogurt. Before I start, I throw a load of diapers in the washer. While I'm eating, I throw on an episode of Supernatural, and then when I'm done I work on my grocery list. After the episode, Sadie is falling asleep on the couch, so we take a nap or go back to bed, depending on how you look at it.

Sadie wakes me up again at around 11:15, I feed her, and then we get ready to go get groceries. For me, the hardest thing is getting out the door. I have to buy groceries every few days, and sometimes I would really rather just lie in bed with Sadie. But I force myself to get dressed and put on makeup and everything. Usually once I start getting things done I will end up doing more than I thought, but at the bare minimum today I have to get groceries, since we don't really have any dinner food.

Before I go shopping, I stop to go to the ATM, and mail a DVD. We get Lovefilm, which is basically like Netflix. While I'm in that area, I grab a Red Bull and a pink donut. There's this one bakery, the pink donuts taste just like a Dunkin' Donuts pink donut so I'm getting them every time I walk by.

Today I'm hitting up the Asian supermarket. There are a few different grocery stores I go to, depending on what I need, and tonight I'm making Kao Soi. While I'm there, I get a few other things, too. They have imported Arm&Hammer baking soda, which is the only place I've seen it here, as well as sesame seeds. I also got Chaokoh coconut milk and mirin (cooking sake), plus a few kinds of noodles. I picked up some bowls as well, since the only bowls we have are "soup plates" and just don't have the volume/height for a noodle soup, as I learned last time I made Kao Soi.

My bag isn't as heavy as I thought it would be, so instead of taking a bus, I decide to walk. I had been meaning to buy a lighter jacket. The coat I have is really nice, but heavier than I really needed for the winter here (it's been really mild). I have only worn it out a few times, usually at night, because during the day it's just too much, especially when I go into a store and they are blasting the heater. So I swing by H&M to get a coat, and grab a sweater while I'm there. They have these great fair isle type knit sweaters, and the one I bought today is my third one, but at least it was on sale.

Since I've done so much walking and it's right there, I treat myself to McDonald's for lunch. I eat McD's more than I expected I would, but German McDonald's has so many things that the American one doesn't! AND they have the McRib year round (and don't bother giving me a lecture about the McRib. I don't care what it's made of, only that it's tasty). So I grab a burger to take home and at this point Sadie's carrier and the shopping bag is getting a bit heavy, so I hop on a bus. I basically just got on the first one I saw, because all of the buses from that stop go in my general direction, but I realized when I got on that it wouldn't take me as far as I needed to go. No problem, at the place where I switch buses, there is a drugstore so I popped in and got Sadie some baby spoons, now that she's starting to taste real foods.

When I get home, it's about 1:45. I eat my lunch and watch another episode of Supernatural. After that, I feed Sadie, put away yesterday's dry clothes, and hang the diapers up to dry. I also order a new carseat, since ours was lost on a plane. Hunter told me today he is going to take an extra day or two off this weekend, which means we'll be going somewhere (TBA). I want to make sure we have the seat in case we need it. That's pretty much as long as Sadie can entertain herself, so we head back to the couch to watch some Downton Abbey while I do some knitting.

Here is where I intended to put this cute picture of Sadie shoving yarn into her mouth while I was knitting, but my phone apparently didn't take the picture. Sorry.

At around 5:00, when that episode is done, I'm feeling pretty exhausted. I really want to take a quick nap with Sadie before our Skype with my sister at 6:00, but there was something else I wanted to do today: mop the kitchen and bathroom floors. This is one of those jobs I hate because a day after it's done, it's like you didn't even do it, but then if you don't do it pretty frequently, it gets gross. I decide I'll work on it as long as Sadie will let me, in other words, as long as she'll play quietly herself. I'm able to get the kitchen floor done and then she's pretty much wailing, so we go lie down for a few minutes.

Hunter gets home around 6:00 and shortly after that, we Skype with my sister for about an hour. I make dinner, which we eat while watching a few episodes of Community. Last night for dinner, we had some cabbage salad, which I heat with water and puree for Sadie. She only tastes a little bit, and I put the rest in an ice cube tray in the freezer. At this point, Sadie was doing her exhausted cry, so I put her pajamas on, fed her, and now she's sleeping so I can write! I'll probably go to bed within an hour (so around midnight) and I don't think I'll have any trouble sleeping tonight!

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