Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Quick Update

Ok I'm just going to condense what has happened over the past few weeks into one post. I haven't felt much like writing recently because it has been soooo hot. And before you accuse me of complaining, it has been legitimately hot here, like 32C which is near record-breaking in this part of the world. Yes, that's SOP in every other place I've lived but I was promised 75 degree summers!

Also because of some stupid German bureaucratic nonsense our Internet is probably going to be shut off tomorrow so I'll get in an update while I can... there's no telling how long it will take these guys to get out here (I'll still have FB/twitter/email on my phone, but there's no way I'm typing out posts on there). So anyway, here are the recent highlights:

1. The English Night
Hunter found on Meetup.com an English-speaking expats group that meets once a month. We went to the most recent meeting, not really sure what to expect. We're both pretty shy around new people but it ended up going really well. We talked to several people, made a few friends, and plan to go back next month. There are English-speakers from all over the world, including quite a few Americans. It was pretty nice to talk to other people for a change, too.

2. The Hospital
We visited the hospital where I will most likely be giving birth. They have these informational nights once a week. Of course, the information was all in German but we managed to understand some of it. I was able to talk to the presenter and arrange an appointment to meet with someone in a few weeks who can give me the information in English. From what we could see, it looked pretty nice. They have like, a breakfast and dinner buffet, and they said you usually stay for three days after giving birth. I've also heard rumors that you get a glass of champagne after, but that's so far uncomfirmed.

3. Residence Permits
We FINALLY got into the immigration people yesterday. We were supposed to meet with them about two weeks ago, but things didn't work out. So our residence permits are basically taken care of. We will have to go pick up everything in a few weeks, but we are legal and aren't going to get deported or anything. It was actually a much easier process than we expected. I won't be allowed to work, but I will be working plenty once Scunter gets here so no problem there.

Anyway, I hope to do another post before too long... we'll just have to see what happens with this Internet situation.

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  1. Yay, you are now street legal!!! and found some potentz English speaking friends! you guys are making it work!