Thursday, June 13, 2013

My First Pinterest Recipe

My usual MO on Pinterest is to just look at it for awhile and pin a bunch of stuff that I'll soon forget about. The other night, though, a recipe popped up that looked like it just might be easy enough to make in the German kitchen. Here is the link to the original recipe.

When I got to the store, I realized I'd need to make a few changes. The recipe calls for vegetable broth, and nowhere in the grocery store could I find anything resembling broth. They had tons of soups, but I couldn't find just plain broth. I didn't, at the time, even know the word for broth and didn't want to be like, clogging up the aisles looking at my phone. So I decided to go with this onion soup mix and figured then I wouldn't have to buy additional onions.

I also had trouble finding fresh basil. The only fresh basil they had was in the form of a basil plant, and while it wasn't too expensive I didn't really feel like carrying the plant home. So I compromised and instead of just getting dried basil, I got the kind packed in oil because I thought it would be more flavorful.

The thing I thought might actually be hard to find, canned diced tomatoes, was actually pretty straightforward, although I think I actually got crushed tomatoes. I mean, they'll still taste like tomatoes, right?

Google translate tells me stückig means lumpy, so...

I also halved the recipe since it says it's for 4-6 servings and Hunter and I are only two people, plus we don't currently have a great way to store leftovers. I left out the oregano and red pepper because I don't want to spend money on a bunch of herbs I'm just gong to have to move in a few weeks. Here it is all in the pot:

You can't tell from the picture, but the pot isn't that big. It's probably about the size of a 2 quart pan, but it's the biggest we have. Also... may have accidentally poured in too much of the onion soup.

When I was cooking it, I was a bit nervous because it seemed to be sticking to the bottom of the pan when I tried to stir it, although it came off easily enough. I kept stirring as instructed by the recipe until the water was gone. Here is the finished product (the lighting in the kitchen is not great for phone pics):

In addition to the parmesan on top, I added a mozzarella garnish also since I figured it goes well with tomato and basil. Anyway, it was a success! Hunter and I both liked it and now I can say I've actually completed something I found on Pinterest!

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  1. Hooray for simple Pinterest recipies! My sister is much better at finding easy ones than I am, but it sounds like you found a winner. I don't know if you couldn't find them or didn't know, but since you don't mention bouillion cubes, I thought I would suggest them for the next time you need broth - you get a box of concentrated flavor cubes and add boiling water to the volume of broth you need et voilà! Knorr is a good go-to brand, and they usually have a picture of what kind it is (beef, chicken, lamb, veggie, etc) - at least that was my experience in England. Also Leo tells me that "bouillion cube" is der Brühwürfel, so that's something to look out for maybe? I honestly can't remember if we ever used it in Germany, so I apologize if this suggestion isn't as useful as intended.