Monday, June 17, 2013

A Sweater for Baby Scunter--and Some Socks for Me!

I've finished up a few knitting projects since I've been in Germany. The first is a sweater for Scunter. My plan was to make him a blue sweater with a red pointy hat, then dress him (or her) up like a garden gnome and take pictures of him in places we visited. I made the sweater in the 6-9 month size, partially because I'm not expecting to have a small baby and also because this way it will last a little bit longer... it can always just be kinda baggy at first. It was made using this pattern that I downloaded from Ravelry. Here is how it turned out:
This was the first top-down sweater I had ever made and I think it turned out ok. The joining of the underarm was the trickiest part--I think I did ok but it isn't exactly professional looking. And yes, the coloring in the photo is edited, mainly because the light in the apartment is really yellowy and so I was trying to make it look more like the color it really is.

The other project I have finished is a pair of socks for myself. The pattern comes from this book and it is the second pair of socks I have made from that book and overall. Sadly, one of the socks from the first pair went missing... oh well. Here is how the second pair turned out:
This is the first project I had ever done with cables, and it may be the last. They were quite a pain, but I think the socks came out looking pretty. There are a few mistakes that you can probably only see if you know what to look for and are trying to see a mistake.

Anyway, I think I have enough of both of these yarns left over to make another pair of socks for myself; I'm going to do the argyle pattern from the aforementioned book. I'm trying to just use supplies I already have at the moment because I don't want to buy anything more before we move. I'm going to try to keep posting pictures of my projects on my Ravelry profile so feel free to add me.

And lastly: I have a few more ideas for future posts, but is there anything my readership (small as it may be) is particularly interested in? Any specific aspects of life in Germany or anything like that? Feel free to let me know in the comments, or on FB or twitter!

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