Sunday, May 26, 2013

The First Day (ish)

So, as I mentioned previously, we arrived at our accommodations in the morning, around 11am or so. We got a key and headed up to our new "wohnung." That means apartment. After a bit of difficulty figuring out how the key worked, we got inside. It was much bigger than I was expecting, however we are staying in a pretty small town right now so I think once we move into the city we will have a more "European-style" living experience. I don't remember exactly the order of things, but I'm pretty sure as soon as I made the bed I changed my clothes and took a nap.

After that, we went out to change some money since we didn't have any Euros yet. We found a small bank that did not exchange money, but they told us where we could find a larger branch that would. We made our way into the "city center," such as it is, and I found a bank where I could exchange dollars with a passport. One interesting thing is that near the city center is a citadel dating from the 1500s that is now a high school. That would be a pretty cool place to go to school. Anyway, we hadn't eaten in a while at that point, so we found a cafe and had some sandwiches before heading back to the apartment.

We still hadn't done any grocery shopping, so we had dinner the first night at a restaurant pretty close to our lodgings. My favorite part of the dinner was that some kindergartners were eating there at the same time--they were so cute! One of them was even wearing a Lightning McQueen sweater! Anyway the first day, despite involving lots of travel, was one of the least stressful so far. Tomorrow I will tell the saga of the phones...

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