Wednesday, May 29, 2013

real,- talk

Alright, well Saturday was pretty much our low point so far. We were right in the thick of the frustrations of the phones not working and I also found out that it was impossible for me to transfer money from my bank account in America without actually being inside the bank. One employee on the phone also told me that they just don't do transfers to Germany. I don't know if I believed her but suffice to say as soon as I get back to the states, I'm closing the account.

So anyway on Saturday morning we were just a little bummed, thinking maybe we had made a huge mistake coming here. We also needed a printer. So Hunter found a site for this store called "real,-" which appeared to be basically the German equivalent of a Super Target/Super Wal*Mart. We had been under the impression that Germans don't really like these kinds of stores, but apparently there are some. So we walked there, getting lost a few times on the way, and finally made our way in.

After being in this completely unfamiliar place, it was kind of nice to be in a giant impersonal warehouse that sold printers, clothes, food, and household items. It's the kind of store that also had a bakery, some kind of Chinese fast-food counter, and you can get haircuts, too. So very much "American-style." I'm not going to do all of my shopping there (for one thing the walk is a bit further than the other stores, even when you go the right way), but it certainly is convenient for when you need several different kinds of things. It was also just nice to be in a place that was more recognizable. It has later hours that some places (open til 22:00, although closed on Sundays and Thursdays) and a pretty wide variety of products. We've been there several times since, to buy groceries and another SIM Card for Hunter's phone, which I think is finally working.

Next time: I talk about the German doctor, which wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be.

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  1. A little bit of recognizable always helps in a foreign land. Glad you found the "real" store!!