Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Advent Child

Thought I would do a quick post with some pictures of Sadie engaged in some pre-Christmas activities.

We took Sadie to the Christmas Market and thought she might enjoy the merry-go-round. Weirdly, it wasn't like ones in America where the entire platform turns; the cars/horses/whatever actually moved around. This meant that an adult couldn't stand on it next to her. We weren't expecting that but we gave it a try. She really had a lot of fun just sitting in the car. However, once it started up she was not happy. She was crying, looking around for us, and eventually started trying to get out. Hunter had to grab her off as it was moving by because we really thought she was going to launch herself out of the little car. For a while after, she would still bring up the "scary car." I guess she just wasn't ready to ride by herself.

So, after the carousel fiasco, I thought she might like to try some kinderpunsch, which is basically non-alcoholic gluhwein. However, she drank too much of it through a straw before it was fully cooled and spilled it on herself, so that was also a bummer. I couldn't even get her to hold the boot for a picture so here she is sitting next to it.

But, not everything was terrible! I got us a small Christmas tree (you can see, it's pretty close to Sadie's height) for our apartment and Sadie had fun helping us decorate it. We don't have a ton of ornaments for it but Sadie is enjoying it and not tearing it apart.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope to have some more pictures of little Sadie to post soon!

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