Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Born on the Bayeux, Part 2

Ok, so we spent the morning in Boulogne. We ate breakfast outside, where I noticed a fun difference between French and German people. It was breezy and shady out, but probably going to be a warm day. I guarantee you a German parent would have had their kid in a hat and jacket, while our French hostess was fanning herself with how hot she thought it was. It was basically perfect temperature.

As I mentioned, we stayed at a small bed and breakfast and I noticed it would be the perfect place to stay if you were on the run. The reservations were made completely by email, not through a booking system, we paid in cash, and were never required to provide any kind of identification. Just an interesting thing I hadn't experienced before.

Ok, so in Boulogne, there is sort of a walled old town. There is also a huge crypt that had just been opened a few days before we got there. It was pretty cool, both literally and metaphorically.

There was also a museum that had kind of a mish-mash of different things: Egyptian, Greek, and, surprisingly, a huge collection of Sugpiaq masks. They also had some contemporary Inuit art, which I thought was really cool because it sets indigenous peoples in the context of still being alive and creating today. It was doubly cool to see that in a different country. Europeans seem to know even less about Native Americans than... Americans. Next to one of the contemporary masks, it said it would be used ceremonially after being displayed. That was probably the most unexpected thing we encountered on our trip.

We also walked around a bit in the old town (I did SO MUCH WALKING on this trip) before heading to Le Havre, our next destination.

Le Havre had another unexpected sight: a very modern and interesting cathedral.

And here's a view looking up from inside.

We also saw an older church with this creepy gargoyle:

And a memorial that I believe was for both World Wars:

So that's day two of our trip! I know these posts are really slow in coming, but I'm hoping that during the next few days I'll be able to get caught up!

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