Monday, November 17, 2014

Literary Lundi #1

So, I decided I wanted to do a "what I'm reading" post, kind of in line with this column from BookRiot or this one from Stacked. I know at least some of the readers of this blog follow me on Goodreads, and I'm going to try not to make this redundant. I will link to my reviews, but I'll also be writing about what books I've bought, what I'm currently reading, and what I'm thinking about reading next.

It may or may not seem like I buy a lot of books. I subscribe to several newsletters that notify me of ebook deals, so I rarely pay more than $2.99 for a book. The only exception would be if it's a new book that I really want to read and don't want to wait for it to go on sale. So here we go!

Books Acquired:

Under the Never Sky-- A YA scifi dystopia. It was on my TBR and then went on sale so I picked it up.

The Crimson Petal and the White-- I'm reading another book by Michel Faber right now (see below) and really enjoying it, so when I saw this on sale I figured I'd grab it.

Grimm Tales for Young and Old-- Because I love fairy tales.

Books Finished:

The Simpsons and Their Mathematical SecretsThe Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets by Simon Singh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, this is probably an insta-read for anyone who likes both math and the Simpsons, but people who like one or the other might also enjoy it. Singh not only explains many of the math references from the Simpsons, but also reveals the reason they are there: many of the writers have advanced degrees in math or science! There is also a section on Futurama, which has even more advanced mathematical ideas. None of the concepts are particularly advanced; basically even if you haven't studied math in awhile you can probably follow what is going on. There are also some pretty good math jokes and fun dinner party tidbits.

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Currently Reading:

The Silent Deal-- I received a copy of this book from the author and I'm really enjoying it. It's middle grade/YA, 1840s Russia with magic... or at least mystery and intrigue.

The Book of Strange New Things(audio)-- I got this from Audible I think the day after it came out. The plot synopsis sounded a lot like one of my favorite books, The Sparrow, and I'm really enjoying it.

Next Up:

I'm likely going to finish both my audiobook and my ebook within the next week. I've been choosing my next books largely for their eligibility in the Seasonal Reading Challenge, but there are plenty of tasks so I have books that fit almost every one. I am thinking about The Antiquarian, since it's fairly different from the last few books I've read (I like to vary between fiction, nonfiction, adult, kids, etc). As for audiobook, I'm not sure. I would like to read Yes Please,  but the audio isn't very long and I'm not sure I'd have another Audible credit by the time I finish it. I also want to continue my Harry Potter audio re-read, but they are so expensive! Book 4 is I think $40? So I guess we'll see what I do about that.

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