Friday, September 20, 2013

Feeding Frenzy

Even before I got pregnant, or planned to, I had planned on formula feeding. I didn't realize at the time that this was a controversial decision; my sister and I were both formula fed from birth so this was just normal to me. As soon as I started researching and looking into it more, I realized how much hate there was on the Internet for people who had no interest in breastfeeding. I read a lot of horror stories about how people were pressured or shunned or made to feel like bad parents, however I stuck by my decision, for a variety of personal reasons. Hunter didn't seem to have an opinion one way or the other, so he was OK with my choice. I was afraid that the people at the hospital would try to change my mind, but they were actually really accepting when I told them I planned to use formula, and told me which kind they had there so I could get the same one for at home.

Once Hunter started getting more interested and involved in baby preparations, though, we found that he did have an opinion. He recognized that since I was the one who would be doing it and I had been planning for it all along that it was my choice and he didn't pressure me or anything, but I realized that now that he had read more about it he did have his own opinion and wasn't convinced that formula from the beginning was the right choice. Since one of my reasons for choosing formula was for Hunter to have the same feeding experience I did, I felt like his thoughts and views on the matter were important enough to consider.

So this is why about a week before the baby is due, we have altered the plans slightly. We decided that while in the hospital, I will give the baby the colostrum. This is the part that is really the most advantageous anyway, with all the antibodies and nutrients and such. All of the reading I have done suggests that this is what would make the most difference in the baby's future health, moreso than just the regular milk. Then once we go home, we will switch to formula (unless I decide that breastfeeding is just such a magical bonding experience that I can't stop, which I doubt).

I'm really glad that Hunter and I could make this decision together. His involvement and interest in Scunter's well-being is something I really appreciate, and he is helping to keep me on track getting prepared when I am overwhelmed. I think it's awesome that Hunter did enough reading to come to his own conclusion, and that he was willing to share that with me. I'm just hoping that I will be able to convey my decision to the nurses and midwives, but Hunter can probably help me with that, too.

I just can't wait til my little guy/gal gets here!

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  1. Wow, that is so great that you are working through everything together. The baby is already teaching you guys how to be parents, I love it!! However you feed the little one will work out because it will be what you know is best for your baby. Can't wait to meet my great N(niece or nephew)!!! Love you all!!!